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15 Things to Declutter Right NOW!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Want to feel at peace in your home? Clutter blocks the energy flow and has a direct negative impact on how you feel mentally. It is possible to change that feeling into one of peace and contentment by simplifying your possessions! Let's declutter!

(If items are still usable, I would definitely advice posting them to a local "No Buy" Facebook group. It feels great to know someone can use what you no longer have a need for. Our city did not have one, so I started one and it has been a huge hit! Helps others, helps you and saves items from the trash.)

So, lets quit chatting and jump right in!

1) Mugs - How many can you actually use between washings? Pick out a favorite for each person and donate the rest.

2) Expired medicines and vitamins.

3) Owners' manuals - You can find these easily online so no need to waste space storing them.

4) Reusable water bottles - We purchased a nice water bottle for each family member and a simple storage rack to keep them in. Works fantastic!

5) Kids art projects - Take a nice picture of each one and keep them organized in a digital folder.

6) Food storage containers - Get one nice set of glass storage containers and donate the rest. If you have less storage containers available, you will HAVE to empty out old leftovers in the fridge in order to store new. This was one thing that really helped us simplify our fridge.

7) Magazines - If you still have these around it's time to pass them along to someone else.

8) Extra sample bottles of shampoo, etc - consider donating to the pediatric cancer floors at your local hospital. A friend told me that these items can make a big difference for a mom or dad that is really struggling to hold it all together and had to leave home quickly. Buy refillable travel bottles and just fill with your everyday supplies if you need to travel.

9) Phone books - all this information is available online.

10) Product boxes - Toss those old boxes! I promise it will be OK and you won't miss them.

11) Expired spices - If it's years old and you can't even shake it out anymore, it's just asking to go to its final resting place.

12) Winter accessories (hats, gloves, scarves) - Keep a couple favorites sets for each family member and donate the rest to your local school/free group.

13) Take out menus - Look these up online. You can even save or screenshot your favs and save them in a designated folder.

14) Dried out pens/markers - If you have kids, this is a good job for them. Have them test to see which are still good. Dried out markers can be recycled with the Colorcycle program if your local school participates.

15) Makeup - Toss anything old, broken or dried up. Next, pick out what you know you will use and put that away to keep. Look at what's left. Lipsticks that don't go with your skin tone, eyeshadows that are just not your style....give to a friend or toss. Admit to yourself you are not going to ever use them and feel good about it. ;)

OK, so get to work! Come back for 15 more things to declutter in the upcoming weeks!

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